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Shark Fin Inn – Melbourne CBD

What better way to start your Sunday brunch on a cold day with  yum cha in CBD.


Located at the “quiet” side of upper China town in CBD Melbourne – the original Shark Fin Restaurant has been standing strong for over 30 years! The quality of food and service has not disappoint us.  There are two time slots available for weekend yum cha – 11am or 1.30pm.  The policy is simple – no reservation, no yum cha.  When you dine here, they also give you parking discount card which saves you parking, knowing how expensive it is to park in CBD – how nice!

Siumai - pork and prawn dumpling

Siumai – pork and prawn dumpling

My friend used to tell me that if you want to yum cha, always bring 2 more friends with you because dim sum plates come in 3’s – that way, everyone has equal share of everything.  Have you ever wonder why 3 and not 4 ? Yum cha will not be complete without siumai (pork and prawn dumpling) of course.  We were not disappointed – the siumai is huge with chunky prawn – pleasure to eat!

Pai kuat - pork spare ribs

Pai kuat – pork spare ribs

Pai kuat (pork spare ribs cooked in black bean) was delish.  I love the fact that the pai kuat has a lot of meat – not one of those that rip you off with lots of bones and little specks of meat – ring a bell ? 

Stuffed eggplant

Stuffed eggplant

My hubby’s favorite is the stuffed eggplant.  Most of the time, we had to leave this plate out but this time around – we were hungry! My hubby could not contain his excitement when he saw this on the push cart and quickly stuffed himself up with the eggplant!  He claimed it was one of the best he had ever tasted.

Har cheong fan - prawn in rice noodle roll

Har cheong fan – prawn in rice noodle roll

A must have! Huge prawns are rolled into the rice noodle and gentle steamed to perfection and drenched with sweet soy sauce – I love this dish! The rice noodle was soft and slippery.  The perfect 10/10 way to eat this plate for me is to eat with hot chili oil.  Perfect 10.

Char siew sou - barbecue pork buns

Char siew sou – barbecue pork buns

We ended our yum cha with a  sweet note – char siew sou (barbecue pork buns) and mango pudding. Notice the bun comes in 3’s again!

Mango pudding served with evaporated milk

Mango pudding served with evaporated milk

It has been a tradition for most of the Melbournians to come here for yum cha.  I know I will continue to come here for many more years. Shark Fin Inn’s service has always been excellent and attentive.  At least when I asked for more than one plate of chili oil, the waiters do not complain (unlike at some other restaurants – which I will not mention it now!).

“The greatest dishes are very simple.”
– Auguste Escoffier

[Shark Fin Inn]
50 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria.
P: 03 9662 2681 / 9662 2552
Mon-Sun: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Late

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  1. Vincent chan says

    I fully agree. I have been here few times and the yam cha was always good and walked away with full satisfaction

  2. A place for authentic Hong Kong dim sims and always a pleasant service. Love this place! So why does dim sims come in threes?

    • Hi Peter, the plates are priced as either small ($4.60) or deluxe ($5.60) or super deluxe ($6.60) or lastly supreme ($7.60).

  3. Vincent Chan says

    I don’t think there’s any specific reason as to why there are three in one serving. I search the Chinese website with no specific answer. I believe its due to the size of the bamboo basket which can hold three pieces nicely and also 3 in Chinese is SHENG which means ALIVE!!

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