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Kumo Izakaya & Sake Bar – Brunswick East

Kumo Izakaya is a cool, trendy, hip and flamboyant new dining place in Melbourne.  Designed with Art Deco in mind, it is the place to chill out after work for dinner and drinks.  It is located away from the busy part of Lygon Street which makes finding a car park easier.  The interior is va-va-voom with a long communal table at the centre that can sit up to 20 people and fancy seating booths by the side. The bar houses great selection of Japanese imported sake and beer as well as local spirits.  For those who prefer quieter environment, there is a dining area upstairs.

Kumo Izakaya & Sake BarKumo Izakaya & Sake BarKumo Izakaya & Sake Bar

The voucher came with 10 course meal accompany by choice of beer or sake.  It’s definitely an excellent way to sample their dishes and I’m really looking forward to it.  Out menu is similar to Omakase set (priced between $47 – $70).  For drinks, I went for imported japanese beer from Okinawa – Orion.  It’s very light and easy to drink.   The edamame goes really well with the ice cold beer.

Orion japanese beer and edamameOrion japanese beer and Edamame

The next course was the Assorted sashimi platter and Wagyu beef tataki with ponzu.  Sashimi platter comes with 3 choices of freshly sliced salmon, tuna and kingfish.  Wagyu beef tataki was absolutely melting in my mouth. Beef was seared lightly over high flame, thinly sliced and beautifully seasoned.  The onion and dash of ponzu adds the texture and citrus flavour which opens up my tastebud.

Kumo Izakaya - Assorted sashimi platterKumo Izakaya - wagyu beef tataki with ponzuAssorted sashimi platter / Wagyu beef tataki with ponzu

It took us less than 3 minutes to gobble up everything because it’s so tasty.  Next dish was Chicken thigh yakitori skewers that was grilled to perfection.  The meat was still tender and moist.  I can almost smell and taste the smoky grill aroma in each small bites that I took.

Kumo Izakaya - Chicken thigh yakitori skewersChicken thigh yakitori skewers

We were only half way through the course and the meal is already getting better and better.  I can’t wait for the next course – Seared scallops with butter & soy topped with bonito flakes.  The dish sounds good – I love a good fresh seafood that is seasoned in butter and soy!  The serving is generous with 2 fresh, juicy and plump scallops in each shell.  Wonderfully seasoned and tastes absolutely delicious.

Kumo Izakaya - Seared scallops with butter & soy topped with bonito flakesSeared scallops with butter & soy topped with bonito flakes

Crushed prawn katsu is served next accompanied by sweet tonkatsu sauce & plum tartar sauce.   What a nice modern twist to a traditional Japanese dish.  The prawn katsu is deep-fried to a nice golden brown and topped with beautifully flavoured plum tartar sauce.  The prawns are cut into bite-size and when accompanied with the tonkatsu sauce, it’s delicately sweet.  Then we were served with Daikon salad with fried yuba & ume dressing which helps cleanse our palate  and gives a refreshingly cool change to our taste buds.  The pork gyoza was OK – filling was tastier than Gyoza Douraku.

Kumo Izakaya - Daikon salad with fried yuba & ume dressing, Crushed prawn katsu served with tonkatsu sauce & plum tartar sauce, Pan-fried pork gyoza Daikon salad with fried yuba & ume dressing / Crushed prawn katsu served with tonkatsu sauce & plum tartar sauce / Pan-fried pork gyoza – $8

The Spicy black vinegar karaage chicken is one of my favourite. Served on a fresh bed of lettuce, it is tastefully crunchy and the flavour is intense with blend of sour and spicy from the dish.

Kumo Izakaya - Spicy black vinegar karaage chickenSpicy black vinegar karaage chicken

The last and final serving was the chef’s signature Kurobuta pork belly pie. Boy oh boy, does this tastes good…it was very exciting for us to receive a bowl of freshly baked pie with beautiful braised juices – so fusion.  The pastry was extremely light and flaky.  When I cracked open the pie, the sight of a beautifully braised thick cut of pork belly is so mouth watering and tasted so yummy.

DSCF0800Kurobuta pork belly pie

Verdict : Kumo Izakaya is definitely a wonderful place for celebration.  Sophisticated food, beautiful presentation and exciting flavours.  The Omakase is a must if it’s your first time dining at the restaurant and would like to sample the chef’s selection.  I am not disappointed with this place and will definitely return to sample the rest of their ala carte menu.

“Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.”
– Voltaire

[Kumo Izakaya & Sake Bar]
152 Lygon St, East Brunswick, Victoria
P: 03 9388 1505
Mon-Sat: Dinner & Late
Sun: Dinner

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