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The Gate Keeper – Melbourne CBD

We came to The Gate Keeper with a promotional dining voucher.  It is situated on Elizabeth St (at corner of Lonsdale St). We were quite impressed with the interior decoration of the restaurant which got us excited on our meal to come.

The Gate Keeper The Gate Keeper DSCF0859

The restaurant has two levels – the downstairs area is small with tables that can sit up to 4 people while upstairs is catered to larger crowds.  As we glanced through the menu, their dishes seem a little overpriced – entree prices range from $6-$9.80, mains from $17-$26.  As it’s wonderfully cold outside, we ordered 2 soups to start with – Sharks fin soup and Seafood soup which is priced at $8.80 each bowl – a tad overprice considering that the soup bowl is small and has little to no ingredients except for the soup.  For entree, we ordered Shredded duck salad to share.  I enjoyed the flavours presented in this dish – very zesty with sweetness and sourness that comes from the salad dressing.  The cold cucumber goes really well with the shredded duck meat while the sesame seeds adds wonderful texture.

The Gate Keeper - Shredded duck saladShredded Duck Salad $9.8

For mains, we ordered Mao’s red cooked pork (Hong Shao Rou) and Braised tofu with crown daisy.  We asked the waitress to describe the dishes to us but disappointingly lacks the knowledge to do so.  If I had to pay normal price for the dishes, I will be very disappointed considering that the red-cooked pork came in such small portion and the pork belly was overcooked.

The Gate Keeper - Mao's red-cooked porkMao’s Red-cooked Pork $20.8

As for the Braised tofu with crown daisy, while the name and price suggests that this dish may be exceptional.  As the most expensive dish in the vegetable menu, we were once again not pleased to find the braised tofu is just simply white tofu simmered in broth with crown daisy.  Don’t get me wrong – I love white tofu but white tofu vs braised tofu ? (Name mismatched).  The dish is simple but luckily the broth compensated with depth in flavour.   I can continue to drink the broth as much as ever.

The Gate Keeper - Braised tofu with crown daisyBraised tofu with Crown Daisy $21.5

Lastly, for our desserts – Deep-fried ice cream and Glutinous rice balls in fermented rice wine.  I was not impressed with the desserts.  The ice cream tasted doughy and commercial while the glutinous rice balls dessert tasted weirdly sweet which does not agree with my palate.

The Gate Keeper - Deep-fried ice creamThe Gate Keeper - Glutinous rice balls in fermented rice wineDeep-fried ice cream $5.5 / Glutinous rice balls in fermented rice wine (small) $5

Verdict : All in all, I wasn’t impressed with their food nor their service.  I had to call them to clear our tables when the desserts were brought to us (when there were only 4 other tables filled) !  There are many other Chinese fine dining establishments in Melbourne and to compete, they will need to improve on quality and delivery.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”
– Virginia Woolf

[The Gate Keeper Fine Chinese Cuisine]
233 Exhibition St, Melbourne, Victoria
P: 04 81 283 888
Mon-Wed: Lunch & Dinner
Thus-Sat: Lunch, Dinner & Late
Sun: Dinner

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