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I Love Pho 264 – Richmond

If you drink soup as beverage, then I Love Pho 264 is the place to do that.  I’ve been frequenting this place for brunch almost twice a month this winter just to appease my craving for a really good bowl of soup to warm my tummy.

DSCF0900 I Love Pho 264

Though the place lacks Vietnamese decor and feel (it’s got more Western feel to it), the pho and broth does not disappoint.

DSCF0896 I love pho 264

We each ordered a small bowl of Pho with rare beef slices and a plate of mix Prawn & pork and Vegetarian spring rolls.  The broth is so flavoursome and naturally sweet which comes from the many many hours of boiling beef bones and vietnamese spices.  The pho is exceptionally smooth.  The rare beef slices could do better if the beef were sliced thinner and the beef a little more rare.  Nevertheless, it’s very tender and still yum!

I love pho - Pho with rare beef slices I love pho 264 - pho with rare beef slices Pho with rare beef slices $9

One of my favourite condiment that makes my knees weak is the chilli dip – a crazy blend of spicy, sweetness with crispy minced fried garlic that makes it devilishly out-of-this-world delicious.  The spring rolls are deep-fried to golden brown and tastes awesome when eaten wrapped with fresh lettuce and fish sauce.

I love pho 264I love Pho 264 - Prawn & Pork and Vegetable Spring rollPrawn & Pork and Vegetable Spring rolls $8

Verdict : I love pho, I love Pho 264.  The price is reasonable and the food is consistent in all my visits.  My meal is always enjoyable and leaves me craving for more.

“I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage”
– Erma Bombeck

[I Love Pho 264]
264, Victoria St, Richmond, Victoria
P: 03 9427 7749
Mon-Sun: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

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