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Riverside Teppanyaki – Melbourne CBD

Situated on beautiful promenade of the Yarra River, Riverside Teppanyaki boasts stylish dining with awesome night view.

Night shot of Yarra RiverRiverside Teppanyaki

Part of the Kobe Jones group, Riverside Teppanyaki offers Fusion japanese dining with the chef preparing your meal right in front of your eyes.   We have been regular customers here as it’s one of the most decent places to get a good Teppan-style dining without the “flying food” tricks 🙂  No doubt the price is steep, the quality of their dishes and service is truly memorable.

Riverside Teppanyaki

We had the 8 course Land & Sea Banquet that ranges from $70-$95 p.p.  The course started with my favourite – Flaming No 1 Special which is a crab salad with avocado wrapped in Hiramasa kingfish and then flamed on the teppan with their “secret sauce”.  The most precious food in the menu because each diner only gets a piece and sharing is a definite no no.

Riverside Teppanyaki - Flaming no1 specialRiverside Teppanyaki - Flaming No 1 Special Flaming No 1 Special

The next course is no ordinary Hot mushroom salad.  A selection of oyster and enoki mushrooms that is tossed and flavoured with seaweed miso butter on the teppan, presented on top of a bed of fresh greens and topped with crunchy pine nuts.  So tasty.   Then, we were served with Scallop sashimi, sliced thinly, sizzled with heated extra virgin olive oil and drizzled with wasabi pepper sauce.  The selection of Sashimi with salmon, kingfish and tuna is very fresh.

Riverside Teppanyaki - Hot mushroom saladRiverside Teppanyaki - Carpaccio Scallop Riverside Teppanyaki - Sashimi Hot Mushroom Salad / Carpaccio Scallop / Sashimi – Kingfish, Tuna, Salmon

For mains, we had Miso Marinated Cod – beautifully seasoned.  Simply a tease to my sense of smell and taste!  Then came the delicious Grass fed Tenderloin teppan-ed to perfect medium rare.  The beef is very tender and adds beautiful flavour when eaten with the wonderfully miso-seasoned spinach and asparagus.

Riverside Teppanyaki - Miso marinated codRiverside Teppanyaki - Miso Marinated CodRiverside Teppanyaki - Grass fed TenderloinMiso Marinated Cod / Grass-fed Tenderloin

We were then served with Garlic Fried Rice and Red & White Miso Soup as part of the course before ending on a bitter-sweet note with Crepe Suzette.  Freshly made on the teppan, the sapporo beer crepe is gently flambeed with Grand Marnier, glazed with orange caramel sauce and served with French vanilla bean ice cream.  An unforgettable mix of wonderful flavours.

Riverside Teppanyaki - Crepe SuzetteCrepe Suzette

Verdict : I have always enjoyed my meal at Riverside Teppanyaki.  The dishes have a sense of traditional mix with modern twist and so are the flavours.  The banquet menu is an excellent way to sample their specialty.

Burp! Checklist 
To die for : Flaming No 1 Special
Price : $$$
Yummy Factor : +4
Tip : Take a walk by the promenade to enjoy the night view after dinner

[Riverside Teppanyaki]
G16 Northbank Wharf Precinct, WTC, 38 Siddeley St, Melbourne, Victoria
P: 03 9329 9173
Mon-Fri: Lunch & Dinner
Sat-Sun: Dinner & Late

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