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Encore Restaurant & Bar – Melbourne CBD

Encore is a quiet dining place situated right next to the Grand Chancellor Melbourne hotel.  It’s not an award winning restaurant but rather serves up pretty honest and decent food I’d say.  We came here with a dining voucher.  With the voucher, we were able to select any appetisers, mains and desserts from the menu.


We were served with sparkling wine before the nice lady took our orders.  For appetiser, I ordered Soft tacos with tempura battered soft shell crab and chipotle mayonnaise.  The portion is very generous with 3 large servings of soft shell crab on taco wraps.  Soft shell crabs are nicely battered with a crunchy to light texture.  It is accompanied with sweet chilli sauce, chick peas and slices of vegetables.

Encore - appetiserSoft tacos with tempura battered soft shell crab and chipotle mayonnaise $15.5

Hubby decided to order the Pork tasting plate that comes with 3 types of pork creations with chilli oil dip and plum sauce.  We thought it tastes very Asian and the flavours are not special.

Encore Apollo bay ‘otway pork’ tasting plate with pork, cashew nut and water chestnut dumpling, twice-cooked pork belly, pork neck spring roll $18.5

For mains, I went with Braised lamb shank which came in such huge portion (for me, that is).  Whilst it tastes good, the lamb shank was not braised long enough because the meat supposedly did not fall off the bone – which is a pity! However, I love the double cream mash which is so creamy and the greens are very fresh.

EncoreBraised lamb shank with black olive, tomato & double cream mash potato $28

The Angus rump steak came in medium rare which is how we wanted.  What I love about this dish is the caramelised mushrooms and the jus is to die for.  The mushrooms are juicy with the beautiful sweet caramelisation that goes so well with the beef.  The fat chips are crispy outside and soft inside.

Encore250 gm grass-fed black angus rump steak with fat chips, garlic aioli and mushroom jus $28

Up to this point, we were so full but how can you say no to desserts right ? For desserts, we ordered Star anise creme brûlée and Brandy snap basket with ice cream.  The creme brûlée cracked nicely but it is a little overcooked at the top because the custard has hardened a little.  The hard caramel was not caramelised and burnt enough as I would very much like that in a creme brûlée.  It’s a good combination with the pineapple, raisin and mint.  The Brandy snap basket is ok with the mix of apple and mango sorbet and an unidentified ice cream flavour.

EncoreStar anise creme brulee with pineapple, mint, palm sugar $14

EncoreBrandy snap basket with apple and mango sorbet and ice cream $14

Verdict : The restaurant served up some decent and unsurprising food.  I had a pleasant dining experience but it does not really “wow” me.  Portion for appetiser and mains are generous and worth paying for.

Burp! Checklist
To die for : Mushroom jus (comes with any selection of steak choices)
Price : $$
Yummy Factor : +3
Tip : Ask for a kids “colouring menu” if you are have little ones to keep them entertained

[Encore Restaurant & Bar]
131 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Victoria
P: 03 9656 4000
Mon-Sun: Dinner

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  1. tim says

    gave encore a try this saturday night on the way to the football after reading your review was lucky enough that saturday night is steak night $17.00 black angus rump steak as per your review. loved the steak, jus and the brushetta before hand and the price was equal to a pie chips and coke at the football think i have found my new pre match food venue. thanks GO BLUES !!!

    • Way to go Tim! I’m glad you like the steak and jus. At least you don’t need to pay “football prices” for it. The portion should be enough to fill you and your mates up 🙂

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