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Golden Fields – St Kilda

I looked through my wish list this week and something clicked on my hunger nerves.  I have been dining out quite a bit this week which means that I should save it till next week. However, being a foodie, dining at the famed Andrew McConnell’s yet another award winning restaurant is too hard to resist. Obviously from this post, you can see that I have gave in to my temptations … and my tummy !

Golden Fields

I am very happy that they take bookings now which means that I don’t need to wait 2 hours for a table during peak times. The restaurant is a little hard to find because there is no obvious signage.  But once you see Medina Towers, you should be able to spot Golden Fields a few doors away.

Golden Fields

The interior of the restaurant is pure minimalist with clean decor, color and space – especially love the “chicken feet” on the wall which is used as a cloak hanger! Funny enough, my little one thought that there were chickens behind the walls and asked us to save them!

Golden Fields

Some quirky things that we found interesting to share : Cute little vintage cup with sea salt and roasted pumpkin seeds (complimentary) served the moment we’re seated.  Those roasted pumpkin seeds are actually very appetizing – crunchy, slight bitterness and lightly salted.

Golden Fields

The lady server is very knowledgeable and is able to provide the description of the dish when we asked.  She also advised that the menu is designed for sharing.  We started by ordering our coffees and a few small plates – Rolled pork belly is absolutely delish! The Asian inspired dish is served cold.  The combination of lean pork belly and kimchi tastes very new to me with a beautiful blend of sour/sweet flavour which I really like.  New England lobster roll is a must try for any first timer in Golden Fields.  It is definitely something to rave about with the bun deliciously soft and buttery that goes so well with the pieces of crayfish meat and the creamy kewpie mayo.  However, in my opinion, I find the price of $15 a piece a bit too steep for a bite-size roll.

Golden Fields - New england lobster roll and Rolled pork belly with white kimchiRolled pork belly, white kimchi, yuxiang sauce (4pc) $15 / New England lobster roll, hot buttered bun, cold poached crayfish, watercress & kewpie mayo $15

John dory sashimi-style plate is truly a palate opener with the beautiful and delicate mix of tangy, sour, sweetness that burst in flavours when eaten with the fresh john dory.  My hubby actually prefers this version compare to the Chin Chin’s kingfish sashimi which has a much stronger flavour.

Golden Fields - John dory, salmon roe, scud chilli, ginger & limeJohn dory, salmon roe, scud chilli, ginger & lime $15

The Twice cooked duck eaten with the cotton soft steamed buns is a dish to rave about.  Following the Chinese-inspired peking duck, the beautifully cooked duck is gently boiled (or maybe sou vide?) and then deep fried to maintain the flavours and tenderness of the duck meat.  The meat is then shredded and together with the cucumber, is enjoyed together with steamed buns and the sauces.

Golden Fields - Twice cooked duckTwice-cooked duck, steamed bread, vinegar & plum sauce $24

I find the flavours and texture in Shredded chicken with sesame paste dish not very appealing.  The chicken is beautifully poached with some pink undertones and meat is very tender and juicy.  But I didn’t like the sesame paste as it makes the combination dry while the flavours seem to have been lost.

Golden Fields - Shredded chickenShredded chicken, sesame paste, house made cold rice noodles, chilli oil $17

Lucky for us, the Szechuan braised eggplant is unforgettable.  The house made rice noodle is super smooth and cools the tongue nicely when eaten with the very tongue-numbing eggplant and minced pork.  But that’s Szechuan right? Hubby loves this dish very much and for a person who doesn’t eat spicy food, I think he gave this a good thumbs up.

Golden Fields - Szechuan braised eggplantSzechuan braised eggplant, minced pork, rice noodle $18

Mushroom with miso butter is an easy-to-eat dish but not spectacular.  Cooked in miso butter and garnished with fried garlic, the flavours are very rich and buttery which is delicious too.

Golden Fields - Wild & cultivated mushroomWild & cultivated mushroom, miso butter $16

So …. after all the savoury dishes, we are ready for desserts.  Coming to Andrew McConnell’s establishment without ordering dessert is a foodie sin.  First up is the beautifully Baked Meringue that looks too pretty to be eaten.  The baked meringue sits on top of the lychee jelly cubes and rose water coulis – it is crowned by a blanket of cream and sprinkled with lime zests.  Infused with fusion flavours, we love how each of the ingredients come together delicately to form a sweet note.   The Peanut butter parfait needs no introduction.  It is one of the must-try for dessert lovers and a triumphant one for me!  The symphony of crushed peanuts, melted salted caramel, peanut butter parfait and chocolate just makes me wanna sing “glee”.

Golden Fields - Baked meringueBaked meringue, vanilla, rose and lychee $15

Golden Fields - Peanut butter parfaitPeanut butter parfait, salted caramel and soft chocolate $10

Verdict : Worth a detour.  The meal surprises us in terms of flavour and presentation.  Apart from one or two hit and miss, I was very happy with the overall Asian fusion creativity presented in the smaller plates to desserts. Although I didn’t have sufficient tummy size to savour their bigger plates – I will come back again to sample them very soon.

Burp! Checklist
To die for : Twice-cooked duck, Lobster roll, Peanut butter parfait, Baked meringue
Price : $$$
Yummy Factor : +4
Tip : Book ahead before you go (reservations open for parties of any size)

[Golden Fields]
2/157 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, Victoria
P: 03 9525 4488
Mon-Sun: Lunch, Dinner & Late

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  1. Great description (and photos) except when you said “lady server” (would you have said “man server”?). Also, constantly amazed at the prices in Melbourne for food. $68 for lamb at this place? That’s an entire organic/local dinner with wine for two people where I live in Portland, Oregon, USA! I go to St Kilda/Melbourne twice a year and we only go out once or twice a week and cook for ourselves the rest of the time because the prices are so outrageous for even the most basic of foods at restaurants.

    • Hi EcoGrrl, thanks for your comments. Yes, there is also “man server” 🙂 but the person who was attending to our table was a nice and very knowledgeable lady. I agree with you and that eating out especially at fancy restaurants do cost more and so we only privileged ourselves to dine out once or twice a week. Rest, like you, we cook at home too.

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