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Hare & Grace – Melbourne CBD

I had a dream.  I saw a White Rabbit and I followed.  The rabbit disappeared swiftly.  Suddenly, I fell into a rabbit hole. I fell deeper and deeper and deeper …. incidentally right to the front steps of Hare & Grace.  Having been operating for about 3 years now, Hare & Grace has quickly developed a loyal following in the city.  Located at the more commercial area of the city (next to Rialto Towers), it is no wonder this restaurant has not appear in my eating radar until now.

Hare & Grace

The interior of the restaurant is quirkily rustic with branches and twigs on the ceiling and wooden decor pieces.  It is divided into two separate spaces – Dining Room and the Minibar.  We were seated at the Dining Room and ordered the promotional set meal consisting of a 3 course – composites (entree), principals (main), and desserts plus coffee and tea for just $79 for two people!

Hare & Grace

My entree Shelled scallops dish tasted superbly delicious!  Scallops are so tasty, juicy and sweet with the creamy aioli that melts in mouth while the crunchy breadcrumbs leaves me chomping away to infinity and beyond.  Hubby got the Cos salad with simple fresh ingredients and light flavours while the memorable part of this dish are the anchovy croutons that left him wanting more.

Hare & Grace1/2 Shelled scallops, garlic aioli, herb breadcrumbs

Hare & GraceCos salad, sieved egg, smoked bacon, anchovy croutons

For mains, I had the Braised beef that gently fell into delicate tender pieces and wow … the strong intense flavours complimented by the sweet caramelised onions is definitely a match made in heaven.  Next came the Roasted salmon served with greens.  The salmon is cooked to perfection – pink (almost sashimi-esque) with tender layers in the middle and crisp thin crackling skin that is beautifully browned and lightly flakey.  For our little one, we ordered Fish & Chips and she finished everything which means that the dish tastes good.  The batter was fluffy and light and the meat was sweet and tender.

Hare & GraceBraised beef, caramelised onion, mash

Hare & GraceRoasted salmon, salad leaves, lemon 

Hare & GraceFish & Chips w tartare sauce

Described by Hare & Grace as Sweet, Guilty, Vanity – desserts was ok but unfortunately not great.  Creme Brûlée passed the crack test but the hard caramel was a little thick while the vanilla custard was very runny.  The Rosewater Pannacotta is light with subtle flavours that is not too overpowering while the layer of pomegranate jelly added a hint of sweet sour note to the dessert.  We then finished our meal with pretty strong coffees that kept us awake the whole night!

Hare & Grace(Clockwise from top left) Rosewater Pannacotta, Pomegranate Jelly / Coffee / Vanilla Creme Brûlée, Biscotti

Verdict : Very happy to have found the rabbit hole and a very mouth watering experience too.  Food tasted great and unforgettable especially entree and mains.  I will come back to sample Hare & Grace’s new winter menu soon!

Burp! Checklist
To die for : Braised beef with caramelised onion and mash, Shelled scallops with garlic aioli and herb breadcrumbs
Price : $$$
Yummy Factor : +4
Tip : Check out their affordable weekly specials and takeaway lunch menu that costs less than $20.

[Hare & Grace] 
525 Collins St, Melbourne, Victoria
P: 03 9629 6755
Mon-Fri: Lunch, Dinner & Late
Sat-Sun: Closed

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