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Bluestone – Melbourne CBD

Bluestone Restaurant & Lounge Bar resides in one of Melbourne’s most important and historical business centres and housed in one of the oldest bluestone warehouses on Flinders Lane.  Continuously producing high quality food under Chef Cody Cunningham with great selection of Australian and some European wine, it is no wonder that Bluestone is still a favourite amongst business diners and company events.  With that, I was very excited to be able to dine here and sample their promotional 6-course degustation menu.

BluestoneBluestone montage 5

The interior has a classy, romantic, fine dining feel in an old fashion way – memorable for a nice first date 🙂 We were greeted warmly and were shown to our table.  It was nice to see that the historical rough-hewn bluestone walls are well preserved and fits right into the restaurant decor together with the extravagant heavy gilt mirrors that hasn’t change much in decades.  Once seated, we were served with warm breads and Mount Zero olive oil together with Kir Royale cocktail.  I’ve not tasted Kir until now and I really enjoyed it.  Kir Royale is a popular French cocktail made with a measure of creme de casis and five measures of champagne.   What a nice way to start our dinner!


Course 1 – Manhattan clam chowder was served in a tiny bowl.  Whilst I enjoyed the taste, serving was tiny and disappointing with little clams and lots of peas, carrots and corn.  Then we moved on to Course 2 which is a Duck liver parfait eaten with crunchy brioche.  Glorious ‘O’ glorious, the parfait tasted velvety smooth and radish puree added some sweetness to the whole dish.

BluestoneCourse 1 – Manhattan clam chowder, lemon myrtle and chive oil

BluestoneCourse 2 – Duck liver parfait, red radish puree and brioche

We then moved on to a palate cleanser that came in the form of Broccolini sorbet.  This is new to me – chilled and slightly sweetened vegetable puree but somehow it tasted like baby food which I didn’t enjoy.

Bluestone Palate cleanser – Broccolini sorbet

For mains, the Flinders island wallaby was cooked medium rare to perfection and it was delicious.  I have not tasted wallaby meat and this was a virgin experience for me.  It has a rich burgundy colour and surprisingly very tender with a mild delicate flavour and paired beautifully with the sweetness of capsicum paint.  Then we were served with another palate cleanser – Strawberry gazpacho.  The cool gazpacho coming from the combined sweet and savory flavors of strawberry and balsamic vinegar is absolutely delightful.

BluestoneCourse 4 – Flinders island wallaby, bush pepper, capsicum paint and chard parcel

BluestonePalate cleanser – Strawberry gazpacho

Lastly for dessert, we had Rosella cheesecake served with baby wild limes and macadamia.  The ingredients played up a beautiful symphony of smooth/crunchy textures and sweet/sour flavours and that is what makes this dessert so divine. Definitely one of the best tasting cheesecakes I have ever eaten.

BluestoneCourse 6 – Rosella cheesecake, baby wild limes and macadamia

Verdict : Overall, it was a very interesting test of taste to my palate.  The way Chef Cody Cunningham played around with fresh seasonal Australian ingredients and created some tasty dishes is very promising.  If you are looking for a quiet meal in a beautiful restaurant in the city, this is the place to be.

Burp! Checklist
To die for : Rosella Cheesecake with baby wild limes and macadamia
Price : $$$
Yummy Factor : +3
Tip : If this is your first time, try their lunch menu

[Bluestone Restaurant] 
349 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria
P: 03 9620 4060
Mon-Fri: Lunch & Dinner
Sat: Dinner

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