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When East meets West : Kobe Jones

What do you get when you cross East with West in Japanese – you get a name that is half Japanese and half Western, LOL.  That’s Kobe Jones to you 🙂  Kobe Jones blend the simple cooking of Japanese techniques and meld with the flavours of the West.

Kobe Jones(Top Middle) Kobe Shooters / (Bottom Middle) No1 Special / (Right) Wagyu Tenderloin Tataki

This is not my first time here.   Therefore I’m very familiar with their menu.  Today we tasted the 9-course Koyo (Autumn) Japanese banquet which is priced at $149 p.p.  Thankfully, we got this through a voucher so the banquet was half the published price.

We kickstarted the meal with a medley of dishes – No1 Special, Kobe Shooters and Wagyu Tenderloin Tataki.  No1 Special was as good as ever (see my other post on this).  Kobe Shooters comes in 4 shooter glasses with fresh oysters served in cold sake with different salsa dressing – a menu list my hubby favorited the most.  Following that, the Wagyu Tenderloin Tataki was an absolute delight.

Sizzled Salmon Sashimi CarpaccioSizzled Salmon Sashimi Carpaccio

One of my favourite dish is the Sizzled Salmon Sashimi Carpaccio, lightly sizzled with heated virgin olive oil and then drizzled with wasabi pepper sauce which gives a sweet peppery taste.

Volcano RollVolcano Roll

Slipper Lobster on hot rockSlipper Lobster on hot rock

Prawn and Vegetable TempuraPrawn and Vegetable Tempura

The next medley of dishes came in a flash.  Volcano Roll is rich and buttery.  The crab and avocado roll is plumped with special cream sauce, sesame seed and shallot sprinkle and then baked to golden brown – delicious.  Slipper Lobster unfortunately did not rock for me – the meat tasted almost bland and the garlic butter used to cook the lobster did not do justice to the meat.  What a pity 😦

Flaming Anko Flaming Anko (Green tea creme brûlée)

To end the course, we had a little theatrical fare when the Green tea creme brûlée was brought to us and flamed on the spot.  The brulee failed my crack test but the custard tastes almost sweet and silky.

Verdict : The food has always been consistently delicious and service is attentive and friendly (All thanks to Steven, the manager, who always made us feel at home).  I will return but I wouldn’t pay normal price for the banquet.

Burp! Checklist
To die for : No1 Special, Sizzled Salmon Sashimi Carpaccio, Volcano Roll
Price : $$$
Yummy Factor : +4
Tip : It is more value for money to buy the banquet promotions available through Groupon, Cudo etc.

[Kobe Jones]
G16 Northbank Wharf Precinct, WTC, 38 Siddley St, Melbourne, Victoria
P: 03 9329 9173
Mon-Fri: Lunch, Dinner & Late
Sat-Sun: Dinner & Late

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