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Old School Glam : Fog

Over the last 2 days, Melbourne’s winter has been experiencing spring-like sunny cheerful weather – so in this rare occasion, we took a nice drive down to Prahran/Chapel to window shop and stopped for lunch at FOG Bar & Restaurant. It’s located at the quiet upper end of Chapel Street – Greville Street, currently bustling with small boutique cafes.



FOG’s interior captured the essence of old-school lux and glam with high ceiling, tall dark pillars and red carpet leading towards the split level dining area and into a lovely courtyard.  I felt like I just stepped into “The Great Gatsby”.  The dining room is brightly litted with big windows which can be opened up to allow natural sun light into the restaurant. Stretching far and long is an impressive bar that mixes a variety of cocktails – a dream come true for alcohol loving peeps.

Porcini Laganelle PastaPorcini Laganelle Pasta $27

Wagyu Beef BologneseWagyu Beef Bolognese $27

250g Porterhouse Steak250g Porterhouse Steak (part of Sat set lunch) $35

The brunch/lunch menu is simple with some of the dishes leaning more towards the rustic Southwestern American. Think about what might have been eaten by cowboys, Native Americans, Mexicans and Spanish colonial settlers and mix them all up – you get a great diversity of cuisine.

I love the mushroomy aroma from the Porcini Pasta – pasta is nicely cooked to al dente and wonderfully seasoned with parsley, garlic and red chilli.  On the other hand, Wagyu Beef Bolognese was a little salty.  The 250g Porterhouse steak was served with delicious horseradish cream, pomme fries and rocket salad.  Good value for the $35 Sat 2-course set lunch.

Vanilla bean creme brûléeVanilla bean creme brûlée (part of Sat set lunch)

Vanilla Bean creme brûlée dessert was irresistibly delicious.  The crust is perfectly thin and flamed beautifully.  I melted at the first taste of the heavily-scented creamy vanilla flavour.  So intoxicating.  A really nice finish to our lunch.

Verdict : FOG stood out as an interesting place for brunch/lunch and people watching 🙂  I would be keen to try their dinner menu sometime especially the Southwestern American cuisine that most people raved about.

Burp! Checklist
To die for : Vanilla bean creme brûlée
Price : $$$
Yummy Factor : +3.5
Tip : Saturday Set Lunch or Dinner is a good start if you are new to FOG

[FOG Bar & Restaurant]
142 Greville Street, Prahran, Victoria
P: 03 9521 3155
Tue-Sat: Lunch, Dinner & Late

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