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Opa! Family Feasting : Spitiko

I was introduced to Greek feasts by “My big fat Greek Wedding” which was a hilarious romantic comedy that I enjoyed very much.  The movie showed me that when the Greeks eat, they don’t just eat, they feast!


So, there we were at Spitiko – a new Greek restaurant that has been opened for almost a year.  When we walked through the doors, the wondrous smell and view of lamb roast on spit greeted us heartwarmingly.

Looking around the room, we noticed the walls have been adorned with memories, momento and photo montages of the owner, John’s family.  This, along with the greek music, took me all the way to a Greek home!

Roast lamb on Spit

Browsing through the menu, chef/part owner Phil Vakos introduced to us what a Greek feast is by combining simplicity, freshness and abundance of mezze and share menu that made up a wonderful Greek home cooked meal.

Spitiko dips and breads(From left) Saganaki $15.9, bread and pita, mix dips (tarama, tzatziki, melitzanosalata) $15.9, spetzofai  

As part of the feast – Mix dips of three different flavours – tarama (caviar dip), tzatziki (yogurt mixed with garlic) and melitzanosalata (eggplant dip) were served with bread and pita.  The dips were smooth and full of flavour – I enjoyed the caviar and eggplant dips very much.  Next, we had Saganaki which is actually a type of fried cheese and Spetzofai – sausage cooked in tomato herb.

Mixed grillChicken skewers $4.5 ea, pork skewers $4.5 ea, lamb gyros $17.5

While the Mixed grill of chicken, pork and lamb lacks in presentation, they certainly made up in terms of flavour. Both the chicken and pork skewers were very tender and extremely delicious.  However, I find the seasoning in the lamb gyros a little overboard and salty.

If I have more space in my stomach, I would love to try the Souvla spit lamb which looks very very inviting – heard it was really good too!

Greek doughnutsLoukoumades – Greek style doughnuts $7

For dessert (Epidorpio in greek), we had Greek style doughnuts.  These small doughnuts were fried and sprinkled with cinnamon powder and crushed peanuts thus giving that very spicey aroma.  To add sweetness, it was dipped into the sugar syrup. 🙂

Verdict : If I could think of a few words to describe Spitiko – I’d say “hearty family restaurant that whips out home-cooked Greek meals”.  When we were finishing our meal, the restaurant was quickly filled up with groups of family diners.   The food was not only delicious, it was good value too.  Parking was super plenty and worth a detour.

Burp! Checklist
To die for : Mixed dips with bread and pita
Price : $$
Yummy Factor : +3.5
Noise Level : Moderate

270 Park Street, South Melbourne, Victoria
P: 03 9690 2600
Tue-Sun: Dinner

Spitiko on Urbanspoon

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