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Hush! Sweet Sushi Bar : Aka Tombo

I think by now, you can surely guessed that I adore  Japanese food and in Melbourne, finding a sushi bar is easy breezy. But this sushi bar is special because despite the numerous times I’ve walked on this street, I have never noticed its shop front.  Sushi Bar Aka Tombo is a hushed little sushi bar located on Greville Street just off busy Chapel Street.

Aka Tombo

It was through a group social voucher that we discovered Aka Tombo.  The deal came with a choice of two soups, two starters and two fixed mains.

Kickstarting the meal, we were served with soups of our choice – Akadashi (dark miso soup with wakame seaweed & sping onion) and Wakame (clear dash broth with wakame seaweed and sesame).  Then we moved on to our starters, Ohitashi (asian spinach, mushrooms with light dashi broth) which was a delightfully simple light-flavored dish and the addictively tasty Koebi karaage (deep fried shrimp with salt & lemon in shrimp cracker cup).

Akadashi, Wakame soup and OhitashiAkadashi soup $4.8, Wakame soup $4.8, Ohitashi $10.5

Koebi KaraageKoebi Karaage $9.5

Next, the mains came starting with my lil one’s hot Udon (extra order) with sweet tasty broth and tempura crisps. Tempura was lightly battered and crunchy served with green tea salt.  Gyoza was crisply pan seared and the pork filling was a mouthful of goodness.  I enjoyed both the tempura and gyoza as they’re both delicious.  The Teriyaki kingfish was a bit of let down because it was over grilled which causes the meat to dry out.

Udon with wakame seaweed, inari bean curd & vegetableUdon with wakame seaweed, inari bean curd & vegetable $16.8

Seafood & vegetable tempuraSeafood & vegetable tempura $26

GyozaGyoza (4pcs) $9.8

Teriyaki kingfishTeriyaki kingfish $26

We finished our meal with a serving of green tea ice cream (extra order).

Green tea ice creamGreen tea ice cream $5

Verdict : Sushi Bar Aka Tombo is a quaint little Japanese restaurant serving good ol’ traditional Japanese fare.  The flavours presented in the dishes are as expected so there is no element of surprise here.  If I happen to come around this area and is craving for some traditional Japanese fare, I wouldn’t mind popping into this one.

Burp! Checklist
To die for : Ohitashi
Price : $$
Yummy Factor : +3
Noise Level : Low

[Aka Tombo]
205 Greville St, Prahran, Victoria
P: 03 9510 0577
Tue-Sat: Lunch & Dinner
Sun: Dinner

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