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{Playing with Food} photography series

Recently I’ve been enchanted with food and photography.  Due to this sudden burst of interest *hubby rolling eyes* – I started to set up my own little “studio” with cheap cardboards, white foam boards and anything that I can salvage from the un-wanted junks in the garage!  Over the weekend, I went to Daiso in Melbourne CBD and manage to salvage some cheap $2.80 plates and cups which will be used in some of my “Playing with food” photography series.

This sudden burst of interest doesn’t come overnight.  This thought has been in my head for quite some time and I was more excited and inspired when I encountered some of the best food photography websites like Spicie Foodie, Thyme and Souvlaki for the Soul.  So, yes, a wire just tripped in my head …

Part of my weekend project : “Playing with Food” photography series is the first series that logs all my successful and unsuccessful trials to photograph food interestingly.  With my newfound friendships with these blogs couple with their photography tips, I hope to put this knowledge into good practice.

Here’s my pilot shot :


Using a Japanese teacup and some fresh strawberries, I hope to create a minimalist photograph.  It was taken with my devoted Fujifilm X100 with manual setting and lightly photoshop in my PC.  Oh, by the way, I can’t wait for my tripod to arrive this week – this will give me more freedom to play with food 🙂  I love new toys!

Would love to hear what you think – any suggestions, tips or comments are welcome 🙂

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