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Spanish Inquisition : The Bohemian

Recently, I had a visitor from Malaysia and I decided to bring her to try some Spanish cuisine since she hadn’t had any before.  So, I brought her to The Bohemian located at the trendy restaurant stretch of South Wharf.


The restaurant was not hard to spot.  The exterior shows off its Spanish eatery influence and interior of the restaurant decor is reminiscent of Cuban restaurants with dark wood furnitures and rich coloured leather sofas.  The simple menu boasts a one page selection of tapas, charcuteria, paella and platos principales carefully crafted by Head Chef Josep Espuga.

BohemianTapas (Left to right) : Patata Trufa $8, Costillas de Cordero a la Brasa $13, Croquetta $7.5

We selected three tapas out of a selection of twelve on the menu.  The Patata Trufa was made of quail egg and truffle that has been stuffed into the potato cubes and sprinkled with parmesan.  It has a good blend of flavours and textural when bitten into.  The Grilled lamb cutlets presented on a bed of roasted potatoes, was marinated and grilled perfectly.

Lomo de Cordero CrujienteLomo de Cordero Crujiente $34.5

For the main, we ordered the Lomo de Cordero Crujiente to share – made of lamb loin served with crispy lamb bacon, bok choy, pumpkin carpaccio, dates & lamb jus.  Certainly a delightful dish to savor slowly.  Of course, we didn’t go home without trying some of that delicious spanish desserts.  Apparently, the Semi Frio was highly rated in Urbanspoon.  So, we ordered that and can testify that it was really worth ordering!

Semi Frio de TurronSemi Frio de Turron $12

Verdict : The Bohemian brought out a unique goodness of Spanish cuisine with a great environment influenced by Spanish and Cuban heritage and warm service.  While the menu was simple, the food was richly flavoured and worth a second visit.

Burp! Checklist
To die for : Semi Frio de Turron, Grilled Lamb Cutlets
Price : $$
Yummy Factor : +4
Noise Level : Moderate

[The Bohemian]
35 Dukes Walk, South Wharf, Victoria
P: 03 9682 0566
Sun-Thus: Lunch & Dinner
Fri-Sat: Lunch, Dinner & Late

Bohemian Bar & Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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