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Eating in Point Cook : Rendeavous & Kampung Story

Western suburb – being a new residential place and all, a newbie may find it hard to settle down with the limited range of eateries.  But this statement is not true now.  Over the past year, there has been a few new restaurants that has opened up in Point Cook, offering more choices to the happy residents here.


Rendeavous opened its doors a few months ago – located around the Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Center in Point Cook. We came here a few times and found the quality and quantity of food to be consistent every time.  The restaurant is spacious and is able to sit families which is ideal because of its affordable prices and the close proximity to our neighbourhood.


The menu offered a wide range of Italian casual pub food.  We tried the Smoked Salmon Penne and Chicken Parma which came in generous servings.  The highlight was their famous Chicken Parma – with breaded chicken breast that was simply crisp, cheesy and covered with rich tomato base sauce.  Each dish was priced at an average of $20-$25.

Smoked Salmon PenneSmoked Salmon Penne

Famous Chicken ParmaFamous Chicken Parma

Verdict : If you are a Point Cook resident, Rendeavous is worth paying a visit to.  The quality and quantity of the food was consistent and affordable.  I went to Rendeavous with the Entertainment Card promotion which offers a free main course when dine in until June 2014.

[Rendeavous Restaurant & Bar]
300 Point Cook Road, Point Cook, Victoria
P: 03 9394 7795
Mon-Sun: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Rendeavous Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon


Another restaurant that has made Malaysians happy is Kampung Story.  Conveniently located inside Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Center, Kampung Story is popular with the neighbourhood.  Their menu boasts huge variety of Malaysian hawker-style food and drinks as well as “tai chow” (stir-fry) dishes served with rice.

Overall, I wouldn’t say that the food is absolutely Malaysia-nised.  But it is one of the few Malaysian restaurants in Point Cook serving decent hawker-style dishes.  Whilst the food taste alright, the price was pretty steep.  Average price per head came out to be about $20 for food and drinks.  Of the many hawker-style menu we’ve tried, the Hokkien Mee and Wat Tan Hor are the better ones.

Kampung Story

Nasi LemakNasi Lemak with Fried Chicken

Wat Tan HorWat Tan Hor

Hokkien MeeHokkien Mee

Verdict : If you are homesick for Malaysian hawker fare and do not want to drive across the bridge towards CBD or the Eastern suburbs, Kampung Story is worth a pop.  It’s located at a convenient place and they do take aways.

[Kampung Story]
U45, Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre, Point Cook, Victoria
P: 03 8353 8884
Mon-Sun: Lunch & Dinner

Kampung Story on Urbanspoon

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  1. Thanks for that! We’ve tried the other Malaysian place at this shopping centre with good results and will get around to this one soon. With Melbourne’s west growing so fast, there’s no scope at all for restaurant precincts to evolve in older neighborhoods. Shopping centres are the ONLY place for good food things to happen. But I fear the rents and other restrictions are making it hard for good, cheap, fantastic multicultural tucker to truly prosper in such settings. In that context, the Sanctuary Lakes centre stands out!

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