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Sweet Love Story : Dessert Story & Meet Fresh

I love a good dessert – one of those perk-me-up mood food that has a special ability to make me really happy 🙂  And my sweet tooth was craving for the familiar Taiwanese Desserts – so, here are my two favourite Taiwanese Dessert houses in the CBD:


Dessert Story is a successful dessert franchise in Melbourne with a menu that boasts pages and pages of the familiar Taiwanese desserts ranging from hot/cold sweet soupy desserts to ice cold melt-in-your-mouth snow ice desserts.  I personally enjoyed the snow ice series while hubby liked the more traditional dessert – just fantastic as I got to enjoy both!

Milk snow ice with red beanMilk snow ice with red bean, pearl and mango pudding $9.9

I’ve to make a few rounds here because there’s only this much we can eat at one time.  It’s totally BRAIN FREEZE food!

Green tea snow ice with read beanGreen Tea snow ice with red bean and chocolate $9.9

Having tried both Milk snow ice and Green Tea snow ice, I am truly loving both!  The creator of the snow ice maker is a genius because the texture was beautifully flaky and just melted in my mouth.  Definitely a must-enjoy-dessert in the summer and a belly-contentment-dessert in winter!  I have yet to try the Black sesame snow ice but it surely looks good in the photo.  I’ll be sure to try that when I return.

Original Tofu pudding in sugar syrupTau foo fah (Tofu pudding in sugar syrup – hot) $5.5

Hubby preferred the tummy warming Tau Foo Fah (Tofu pudding in sugar syrup) – best eaten hot.  It was very smooth and silky.  I remembered my mom used to tell me that eating lots of tau foo fah will make my skin smooth…hmmm…not sure if that myth is true or not 🙂

Sweet ball coated with sugar, crushed peanut and sesameSweet ball coated with sugar, crushed peanut and sesame $5

Verdict : Dessert Story offers the range of traditional and street style asian dessert that you can enjoy with your family and friends.  If you have not tried this, let your guards down and try it.  I’m very sure your sweet tooth will thank you later 🙂

[Dessert Story CBD]
195 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria
P: 03 9650 7776
Mon-Sun: Lunch, Dinner & Late

Dessert Story on Urbanspoon


Another Taiwan dessert specialist located in CBD is Meet Fresh – established by Mr and Mrs Fu who wanted to spread the goodness of traditional Taiwanese desserts around Australia.

The menu offers a huge range of desserts ranging from traditional sweetness like the herbal jelly and tofu pudding desserts to the cold ones like crushed ice, taro ball desserts etc.  However, they don’t serve the snow ice desserts which was my favourite.  So, we ordered the herbal jelly series which was as good.  Definitely a comforting dessert.

Herbal Jelly Herbal jelly, crushed ice, yam, red bean, pearl, milk $5.5

Verdict : Meet Fresh may not be as popular as Dessert Story but their dessert range is worth a try.

[Meet Fresh]
147 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria
Mon-Sun: Lunch & Dinner

Meet Fresh on Urbanspoon

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