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Happiness in a Shop : Mr Nice Guy

Mr Nice Guy is a familiarly new Thai restaurant in CBD – run by the same people that brought us Middle Fish, Pla Liamthong and David Holtum.  I love Thai food due to the sweet, sour ingredients and spices that they so often include in most of their dishes to improve flavour and texture.  I would purposely travel to Thailand just to eat.  The opportunity to indulge in Thai food is something that I have always enjoyed.

Mr Nice Guy

I came to Mr Nice Guy during their lunch time.  The restaurant was located at Healeys Lane in CBD which pretty much catered to the “suits” working around the area.  Interior was colourful and lively, clearly emulating a “Thai street restaurant” look and feel.   The lunch menu was limited to quick noodle stir-fries and curries to go with rice.  Whereas the dinner menu emphasized more shared dishes option like meat, fish, vegetables stir-fry.

When I found that their famous Hurstbridge pork belly dish was not served during lunch, I was very disappointed.  I think the waitress saw my sad look, so she quickly offered to ask the Chef if he can make it for us since the restaurant was not so busy yet.  The response was a delightful “Yes!” and that made me a very happy customer!

Pad Thai with chicken breastPad Thai with chicken breast $14.9

For my lil’ one, I ordered a Pad Thai with chicken breast, that came in the exact same way a traditional Thai restaurant will serve.   The sweet dish coupled with crumbed peanuts with a splash of lemon was delicious.

Som Tum with salmonSom Tum (Papaya salad) with lemongrass cured & home smoked salmon $14.8

Som Tum (Papaya salad) has always been my favourite Thai salad – a refreshing mix of green papaya shreds, thai vermicelli, bird eye chilli, cherry tomato, green bean and carrot.  This dish also allows you to choose a fish or meat to go with it.  And so we decided to add lemongrass cured & home smoked salmon.    The salad was very fresh and cooling. Love that sweet sourish flavour this dish presented.

Pork bellyHurstbridge Pork Belly, Kha Na, Chilli garlic $24

I was very delighted when the restaurant agreed to serve this dish for me 🙂  The winning dish of the day, Hurstbridge Pork Belly was flavoursome and the pork belly was very tender, beautifully paired with choi sum and oyster sauce foam.  There was a little tingling of spiciness in this dish and that actually came from the chilli garlic drizzled into the dish.  Yup, definitely a twist there but I still love it.

Verdict : If you like Thai as much as I do, I think you will find Mr Nice Guy a good option (with a twist) in the city. Can’t wait to return with my food troop to enjoy their dinner menu.

Burp! Checklist
To die for : Hurstbridge pork belly, Kha Na, chilli garlic
Price : $$
Yummy Factor : +3.5
Noise Level : Moderate

[Mr Nice Guy]
Shop J, 535 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne, Victoria
Enter via Healeys Lane
P: 03 9973 1761
Mon-Thus: Lunch & Dinner
Fri: Lunch, Dinner & Late
Sat-Sun: Dinner

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    • Hi LFFL, yes it is. If you’re working in CBD, worth to pop by the place. I regretted I didn’t try the tod man pla (fishcake), it looks delicious too.

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