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Winter Romance : Kobe Jones

This post is my 3rd time visit to Kobe Jones but it’s the first time I have tried their Winter Romance menu which consist of a never ending list of modern Japanese fare that costs $145 per person.  Well, we got this from a social voucher promotion so we were paying half of the price.  You can view my first and second posts here.

Kobe Jones Clockwise from top : Lychee Mocktail, Number One Special, California roll, Salmon Tsu Tsu Mi, Wafu Scallop Tobanyaki

The menu contains a total of 9-course meal.  One of the course was a tantalising tasting plate which was delicious and flavoursome.  The menu has a combination of five individual menu: Anago Scallop, lollipop sushi, wagyu tataki, miso marinated black cod and salmon and seafood poke.

Tasting PlateTasting Plate 

Volcano RollVolcano Roll

Pacific calamari frittoPacific Calamari Fritto

My favourite from the menu was the Volcano Roll which tasted cheesy and wholesome.  It’s made up of oven-baked Hokkaido scallops layered on a crab salad and avocado roll with a special yummy cream sauce, roasted sesame seed, smelt roe, shallots and drizzled with bitter sweet soy glaze.  Long description but once it’s in your mouth, it’s Ooh La La.  I just love anything with melted cheese and cream sauce!

Lobster hot rockLobster hot rock

Seafood tempuraSeafood tempura

Chocolate TrioChocolate Trio

As part of the course, we could choose our dessert.  So, between the Green tea creme brûlée and the Chocolate Trio, we selected Chocolate Trio which has three small chocolate melting cakes served with three different sauces, vanilla ice cream, green tea ice cream and raspberry sorbet.

Burp! Checklist
To die for : No1 Special, Volcano Roll
Price : $$$
Yummy Factor : +4
Noise Level : Low

[Kobe Jones]
G16 Northbank Wharf Precinct, WTC, 38 Siddley St, Melbourne, Victoria
P: 03 9329 9173
Mon-Fri: Lunch, Dinner & Late
Sat-Sun: Dinner & Late

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