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{Travelogue} 10 Tips for 1st Time Walt Disney World Visitors with Kids (Part III)

In Part 1 and Part II of this series, I’ve shared some first timer tips so you are ready to enjoy and have that most MEMORABLE vacation ever with your family (without all the worrying) at WDW.  These tips have served me well during my recent trip and so it is my wish that you will find them useful as well.  

To conclude, here are the final few tips … 


4. The 4Ps – People, Props, Princesses & PHOTOGRAPHY

WDW is not just a kid’s park.  It’s a photographer’s heaven.  When I came home, I realised that I have snapped close to 2,000 photos in WDW!  Everything in WDW is photograph-able, of props, people, princesses – just snap snap snap.  But remember to pack extra battery packs, memory cards and tripod (if you do not trust your hands).


I had my handy (and light!) X100 which shoots wonderful colours in low light so that saved me from tagging my tripod.  I also brought my lightweight Macbook, external HDD and extra battery pack so I could just transfer the photos out and don’t have to worry later.






One of the best moment for me was having the opportunity to experience and photograph “Wishes” firework in Magic Kingdom.  “Wishes” firework doesn’t start until 9:30pm but it was the most magical and beautiful firework presentation I have ever seen and worth the 2.5 hours wait.


3. Character Meet & Greet 

It was very exciting for our lil’ one to stop and take photo and autograph with every Disney characters that we met in the park.  While some of the queues are short, the popular characters have long queues and they don’t move very fast.  So, if you have the spare time, that’s great.

If not, Character meals are another great way for the lil’ ones to meet most of their favourite characters in one place but with a price to pay 🙂 .


We managed to get to most of our lil’ one’s favourite character meet & greet.  On top of that, we also went for the Character meals just for experience sake.  Oh, and don’t forget to bring an autograph book so your child can get the character’s autograph too 🙂 Be creative.




2. There are things to do OUT of the parks

While our main itinerary was to cover every attraction in Disney parks, we found that it is sometimes alright to take breaks and enjoy activities outside of the parks.  It was definitely a great way for all of us to rejuvenate.  French Quarter has a large swimming pool with water slide and that was enough to keep our lil’ one excited and just spent half a day in the pool, while the tired mum and dad rested 🙂

If you’re looking for fun and free activities to do, head to Downtown Disney.  There is a Lego Imagination Center that allows children to spend time and build their favourite lego sculptures.  Even walking along Disney’s Boardwalk is fun just by looking at the various interesting street performances.


If you are not sick of theme parks yet, you can also head to Sea World or Universal Orlando which I will cover in another post.

1. Relax and Enjoy 

Most important of all, let yourself loose, relax and enjoy.  During the first 4 days, we followed the itinerary closely and did not deviate from the plan.  But from day 5 onwards, we found that it was more enjoyable to be a little flexible with the plans and so we just went along with the flow.  After all, we were there to enjoy ourselves.




Seeing WDW through a child’s eyes is magical.  But seeing through an adult’s eyes and experiencing it is life-inspiring. Yes, it was exhausting for all of us and we would go several days without proper meals, my lil’ one would be so over-dosed with sugar 🙂  and we would end up spending more than what we need on Disney souvenirs…

But you know what, it doesn’t matter because we came back with happy memories and that was something that we will remember for many years.


Don’t miss the first 2 parts of this Travelogue series: Part 1 and Part II.  If you have more tips to share, please feel free to comment 🙂 .


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