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Brunching with Good Appetite : Top Paddock

Top Paddock good coffee

Top Paddock entrance

It was Christmas Eve.  Weather was perfect. I had some friends in town.  We were looking for a nice place to brunch, chat without the rush and gush.  Hmmm….It’s not that hard thinking of where to bring them to – this place has a nice environment, reasonably priced menu and attentive service.   So, yes, we ended up at Top Paddock in Richmond.

Top Paddock good coffee

Top Paddock offers all day dining in al fresco style or in a bright, open dining room that houses a communal table, seating by the bar as well as normal table seating. If you have a large dining crowd, you can make reservations with the restaurant.

Coffee ordering comes naturally when we’re brunching and I had to say that their coffee is good.

Top Paddock Kid BreakfastKid’s Breakfast: Egg & Bacon on Toast $7

Top Paddock SnapperPan fried local Snapper with a Chilli-fried egg, avocado, tomato, lime and corn tortilla $19

Their extensive menu lists range of delightful light breakfast dishes to heavier brunch meal. Speaking of the dishes – some of the combination sound really delicious like the Pan Fried local Snapper with Chilli-fried egg.  I had to pinch them from my hubby’s dish to taste – snapper was cooked perfectly and blended really well with the multitude of ingredients on the plate.

Top Paddock Soft Shell Crab on Soft BriocheFresh soft-shell Qld. mud crab roll with fennel, dill  & lime mayonnaise in a brioche bun $21

One should not forget to order the Soft-shell crab in the brioche bun because that’s what Top Paddock is named for.  It’s one of their signature dish and it’s definitely a must-try.

My friend was kind enough to spare me an unforgettable bite of that crab with generous white juicy meat slotted between two soft warm brioche… that bite made me long for much more of this simple dish.  While the crab was salty by itself, it goes absolutely perfect with the brioche.

Top Paddock Gin and Lime Cured Ocean TroutGin and lime cured ocean trout fillet with pickled baby beetroots, potato galette, poached eggs, leaves & goats curd & toast $19.5

I found the Gin and lime cured ocean trout very interesting and had that ordered.  When the dish arrived, it was a visual feast to my eyes because of the colours on the plate.

I was very happy with the poached eggs (love that runny yolk) and that ocean trout … mmmm … was superbly cooked.  What makes this dish special was all elements on that dish went very well together from flavour to texture.

Thumbs up to Top Paddock and to me 🙂 for choosing this place for our Christmas Eve brunch. Everything from food, service, ambience to price was just perfect.  My visiting friends couldn’t agree more 🙂

Burp! Checklist
To die for : Gin and lime cured ocean trout, Soft-shell crab in brioche bun, Pan-fried local snapper
Price : $$
Yummy Factor : +4
Noise Level : Medium

[Top Paddock]
658 Church St, Richmond, Victoria
P: 03 9429 4332
Mon-Sun: Breakfast & Lunch
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