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Ribena Longan Popsicles

Ribena Longan Popsicles

Ribena Longan Popsicles

Yesterday, I received my new Norpro popsicle mold from Amazon. YAY! So excited that I’ve declared a month long of Pops! Yes, It’s gonna be so fun experimenting with the many Pop recipes this month long of hot summer and even more excited to share them with you.  Besides just plain cordial, you can also blend your favourite fruits and veggies (or add a little alcohol for that summer punch), pour them in and freeze.  Bet your kids will love it.

To kick off the Pop Series this summer, I give you the easiest recipe to make, Ribena Longan Pop 🙂 Make this really fun together with your lil one by getting them to help out.

But why Ribena and Longan?  Well, apart from the fact that they are good combination and the pretty purple colour, I already have these in my pantry.  The result ? Icy, cooling, sweet Ribena Longan Pops, best enjoyed during this hot summer.  If you want to fizz it up a little, you can add some sparkling water.

So, get those Pop molds out and get creative.  Check out other Popsicle recipes here.

Ribena Longan Popsicle side

Ribena Longan Pops 

Serves 10 (according to mold)

Ribena (adjust to taste)
1 can longan, or fresh longans with seed moved
Ice Pop mold, to freeze
Ice Pop sticks

1. Mix Ribena and water. If you are using canned longan, mix 1/2 can of juice into the Ribena mixture.  Taste and mix until you achieve the right level of sweetness.

2. Drop 2-3 longans into each mold and pour the Ribena mixture over it.  But try not to fill up to the brim else it will stick to the cover and you will have a difficult time disengaging the cover.

3. Push the Ice pop sticks through the cover and leave to freeze for at least 5 hours.

4. To un-mold, just run warm water around the mold and slowly pull the popsicles out.


Ribena Longan Popsicle

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