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Of Luna Park & My Favourite Things

Luna Park merry go round

Luna Park Entrance

Luna Park merry go round

Luna Park Tower

Time really flies.  I’m not sure why – perhaps it’s just the way we spent them.  I like to spend Sundays just winding down the tempo and do fun stuff or do nothing at all.  So, as part of our promise to lil’ one, we brought her to Luna Park and we spent a good half day just doing fun stuff and next half of the day, doing nothing at all…well…almost.

I, on the other hand was mulling over some of my favourite stuff which are inspirational and interesting.  So, here they are –

36 Homemade Popsicle recipes to try this summer

Inspirational account of life with beautiful photography here

Backdrop, backdrop and backdrop

In love with moody low-key photography

Gawking at the props and styling

For the freshest, cheapest fruit & vegetables, buy them in-season and try the recipes here

The good, the bad and the ugly that cracks me up

Singing to the tune of Let it Go – totally addictive

Well, that’s it…have a yet another Happy Sunday!


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