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Introducing R.A.W – A Photography Project

Bok Choy RAW

Some of you might have recalled of my personal interest and obsession with food photography last year and guess what, it still is this year.   Yes I am serious about this and for once, I am staying true to my New Year Resolution.  At that time, I recalled as Playing with Food Photography series.  So, after a few months, my interest has evolved a little more and Playing with Food is now R.A.W

R.A.W is all about photographing food uncooked and at their most natural state.  Not only that, it sounds better too 🙂  Through photography, I hope to create something artful and beautiful with food and improving my skills at the same time.  I will account my progress, journey and learning through this blog and Flickr.

My first attempt … #1 – Bok Choy

Bok Choy RAW

I love bok choy.  It is one of the easiest, most versatile vegetable to cook and most readily available in any markets throughout the year.  Bok choy can be steamed, stir-fried, blanched or boiled. Anything is possible.  Bok choy comes in baby size or full size (like the picture above).  With the full size ones, I normally cut them to 2 or 3 parts before I cook.  The stem will take longer time to cook so, it’s best to separate the leaves and stem.

For a simple bok choy dish, you don’t need a recipe, just instinct & taste.  Here’s how I like mine done.  Fry some chopped garlic to golden brown.  Then blanch or boil the bok choy for about 20secs. Leaves cook faster so remove the leaves earlier.  Drain the bok choy and put them on a plate.  Once the garlic is fried, pour them over the bok choy and drip some sesame oil and soy sauce.


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