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R.A.W #2 – Apple



An apple a day keeps the doctors away, but, without an Apple a day, photographers will be turned away! Geez, I’m just blabbering away – it’s a beautiful Saturday in Melbourne.  Temperature has dropped to a cooling 20’s after a week of high, unbearable 40’s.  Most of all, Bubbles (my furry poodle) was jumping for joy – we were unprepared during the week of heat and he suffered the most due to his fur – felt like wearing a fur coat during summer!

My lil’ one loves apple.  I pack an apple a day into her lunch box every day.  As one of the most popular fruits in the planet, apples boast a lot of health benefits that is proven to reduce a host of illnesses.  It’s versatility has also promoted many ways of cooking apple – if not eaten fresh, it can be baked, spiced, sauced and juiced.

So, enjoy an apple today and have a blessed Saturday everyone!


    • Hey Mike, it’s my lil’ one’s favourite too! This is the granny smith green apple and it’s small and sweet – easy to bite too 🙂

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