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R.A.W #3 – Carrot & Mid-week Syndrome



It’s Wednesday and I’m experiencing a mid-week syndrome.  Wednesday – a day that is neither close to the coming weekend nor far from last.  But on a positive note, we will be celebrating Australia Day this weekend and that’s a good long weekend for us 🙂

I remembered when I was young, my mom used to feed me carrots and lots of carrots – she told me that carrots are good for my eyes.  That’s true – except that I was a not a very good girl because I like to read in bad lighting condition and that didn’t really help 🙂

Carrots can be eaten in multiple ways – I like mine roasted with red onion and a good spread of butter, olive oil and honey for sweet butter-ish after-roast caramelisation.  Then season with some thyme (love the smell of thyme) for that mild tangy flavour.

So, do share, how do you like your carrots cooked?

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