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R.A.W #4 – Cherries & Australia Day



Happy Australia Day everyone! To those of you who don’t know what an Australia Day is, it’s the official National Day of Australia.  During this day, we celebrate the many great works achieved by Australians around the world.  To some of us, this day means “Bring out the barby, mates!”  So, while you’re busy sizzling yummy Australian beef or lamb, don’t forget to finish off with some sweet and juicy Australian cherries.

Australian cherries are found in abundance during summer from November through to February. Best enjoyed in many ways such as a lunchbox treat, quick snack at home or with friends in your summer picnic.  It’s also packed with a lot of antioxidants that brings huge nutritional values.  If you choose not to eat as a fruit, you can also process them into pies, cakes, jam or chutney etc.

So, when you’re out celebrating Australia Day, don’t forget to pack some cherries and enjoy the summer moments!

Cherries Closeup

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