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Mango & Salted Coconut Pop with Crushed Peanut

Mango and salted peanut

Mango & salted coconut pops

Weather is still predictably warm.  So, before mango season leave us, I’d better make something good out of it.  I was browsing through the internet and this recipe from The Design Files caught my eye and tastebud.  As you know I love love love mangoes!

I also found out that there’s an Artisan Popsicle empire in Sydney run by two talented sisters and is sweeping Sydney by storm!  So, what’s an artisan pop and who’d run a popsicle empire? Beats me. Upon googling more, this phenomenon was started by Adriano Zumbo’s apprentice and an Artisan Pop is simply a homemade, gourmet, fruity (using seasonal fruits) icy pole.  Got it?

Mango Pops

This is the 3rd instalment of my summer lovin’ Pop Series.

Mango & Salted Coconut Popsicle with Crushed Peanut Topping (adapted from Liana Raine’s recipe in The Design Files)

Serves 10

350g mango flesh
350g sugar syrup (see recipe below)
150ml coconut cream
1 tbsp palm sugar, shaved
1/2 tsp salt
crushed roasted peanut or roasted shredded coconut
Ice Pop mold, to freeze
Ice pop sticks

(Sugar Syrup)
1 cup raw sugar
2 cups water

1. Prepare the sugar syrup first.  Boil 1 cup raw sugar and 2 cups of water in pot until the sugar dissolves.  Leave to cool.  The recipe yields more than you need, so keep the extras in an airtight bottle container and refrigerate.

2. Blend both mango flesh and sugar syrup until smooth puree like texture.  Set aside.

3. To make salted coconut, boil coconut cream, palm sugar and salt together until palm sugar and salt is dissolved completely.  Allow to cool.

4. Now, the fun part – assemble and layer the pops.  You can choose to do a few layers or cut the time short easily with 2 layers.  To do multiple layers, start with 2 tbsp of mango puree into the tip of each popsicle mold.  Then place in the freezer to freeze until you can see a nice sheen on top of the mango puree.

5. Remove the mold from freezer and slowly pour 1 tbsp of salted coconut on top of the frozen mango puree.  At this stage, put the sticks into the pops.  If the mold has a cover, you can cover it halfway so the sticks will remain straight.  If your mold has no cover, use a sheet of foil as cover and cut a small entry on the top to hold the sticks.  Then place it back into the freezer.

6. Repeat the same with each layer until the mixture is finished.  Then put back into the freezer to freeze overnight or until super solid.

7. To remove the pops, just immerse the mold in warm water and slowly pull the pops out.

8. Serve with crushed roasted peanut or roasted shredded coconut for that extra toasty taste and texture.


Mango & Salted coconut pop


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