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R.A.W #6 – Spices & Have a Spicy Saturday



Spices are such wonderful ingredients to photograph.  So colourful, textural and aromatic.  Spices are used in a lot of Asian and Middle East cooking for braising, soup stock, flavouring dishes like curries and may more.  They’re also popular ingredients to spice up beverages or desserts too! Spices are used in small quantity as they are very intense and may overpower the hero of the dish.

One of the places that has been in my bucket list for a long time is the Spice Market in Morocco.  I think I’d go mad with excitement, going through labyrinth of stalls after stalls packed with beautiful colours, wonderful-smelling spices and mysterious lanes.

Food for thought – So, what would food or beverages taste like without spices? or what would the world be like without spices?

Have a wonderful Spicy Saturday, everyone!



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