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R.A.W #7 – Strawberries & Happy V-Day



Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! To all the love birds out there, this is a special day to celebrate your undying love and hopes for each other.  As for me, I’m saying them with fresh, red, juicy strawberries.  Why not?  It’s red and it’s shaped like a big love heart 🙂 In Australia, strawberries are farmed all year round in the Australian regions.  We are very lucky!

My family absolutely adores strawberry.  Whether you eat it as breakfast in fruit salads or with fresh cereal or yoghurt, it is delicious.  Strawberries can also add a tinge of colour and flavour in champagne for that special occasion.  If you want to have a sexy and romantic night, say it with strawberries dust in icing sugar or dipped in chocolate fondue.  So, whether it’s the night before or the morning after, why not say “I love you” with fresh, juicy, red, sweet strawberries…

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