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Steamed Pumpkin Cake with Palm Sugar Caramel

Steamed pumpkin cake

Steamed Pumpkin Cake

I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin but I was tempted to try this recipe from John McLeay’s The Road to QV because the dessert looks good and very very Asian 🙂   On top of that, I love palm sugar especially the dark palm sugar (aka gula melaka) which is one of the key ingredients in most Malaysian desserts.  Good palm sugar is very aromatic and tastes absolutely sweet to the core.

For this recipe, I used the white palm sugar but I would recommend to replace the white palm sugar with dark palm sugar for the sauce as it will be more aromatic. White palm sugar is commonly available from Coles, Woolies in Australia.  Dark palm sugar can be bought from Asian Grocer stores.

Don’t be deceived by the presentation of the dish, it actually tastes pretty awesome.

Steamed Pumpkin Cake with Palm Sugar Caramel (adapted from The Road to QV)  

Serves 4

700g pumpkin, peeled, steamed and mashed
80g caster sugar
50g white palm sugar, shaved
6 eggs, beaten
250 ml coconut milk
1/4 tsp salt
20g coconut, shredded and toasted
1/2 tbsp white sesame seeds, toasted
1/2 tbsp black sesame seeds

(Palm Sugar Caramel)
100g white or dark palm sugar, shaved
20g caster sugar, to taste
1/4 tsp salt, to taste
70ml coconut milk

1. In a large bowl – add mashed pumpkin, caster sugar, palm sugar, coconut milk, salt and eggs.  Mix well, ensuring that there is no lumps until the mixture is smooth.

2. Pour the mixture into a greased baking dish and steam, covered for about 30 – 45 minutes or cook through.  Set aside to cool.

3. To make the palm sugar caramel, put all the ingredients into a saucepan and bring to boil.  Then turn down the heat and simmer for 15 minutes to reduce the sauce.

4. Before serving, cut the steamed pumpkin cake into squares.  Then serve with palm sugar caramel and sprinkle with sesame seeds.


Steamed pumpkin cake


  1. Princess says

    hiiiiiiii, love the recipe!
    do you boil and mash the pumpkin?

    • Hi Princess, firstly cut the pumpkin into small pieces so it’s cooked evenly. Then you can boil or steam the pumpkin. Once they are soft, mash them.

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