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French Toast Rollups

French Toast Rollups

French Toast Rollups

So many things happened lately.  I’ve received a fair bit of bad news and some not so bad.  It’s been overwhelming.  Work has been crazy – really crazy.  So, that explains the slow posting and my absence over the last week.  Whatever happened, I’m crossing my fingers and stay positive.

Lately, I’m was drawn to “dark, moody” photography just like how the season here has changed from beautiful summer to moody fall (with withering sunshines).  I was reading a lot of blog tutorials and admiring lots of beautiful moody photographs.  It does look easy with explanation, but in reality, it’s not.  So, I’m just going to practice until I get the perfect shot.  My obsession over “dark, moody” photography, has got me to the point of moving things around the house to find “the light” too 🙂  Luckily hubby hasn’t utter any displeasure yet *phew*

Anyways, ever had French Toast Rollups?  I’ve not, but thanks to Teacher by Day, Chef by Night I had the opportunity to try it. Basically, it’s French Toast rolled with fruit or jam or nuts or cheese filling or whatever filling your family likes.  Then it is fried before serving.  Definitely a superb idea for kid’s breakfast.  Care to try?

French Toast Rollups (adapted from Teacher by Day, Chef by Night

Serves 3

6 slices white bread (or wholemeal if you prefer healthier version)
1 egg
1/4 cup milk
1/2 tsp cinnamon powder
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 block cream cheese
1 tbsp powdered sugar
1 tbsp strawberry jam
1 tbsp cinnamon powder and 2 tbsp sugar (for dusting)

1. Using a rolling pin, start to flatten every slices of bread.  Roll the pin one time from bottom to the top.  Then move the bread clockwise once and roll the pin again.  Move the bread clockwise again and roll the pin on the bread one more time.  Be careful not tear the sides.

2. To prepare the filling, mix the cream cheese, powdered sugar and strawberry jam together and set aside.

3. Take about 2 tsp of filling and smear it across the bottom one-third of the flatten bread.  Roll the bread tightly upwards.  Repeat the same with the remaining breads and set aside.

4. In a shallow bowl, whisk the egg, milk and cinnamon powder until it’s mixed well.

5. Heat up a frying pan over medium heat with some butter.  Once the butter starts to melt, dip the bread roll in the egg mixture.  Ensure that the mixture is evenly coated around the bread.  Place the bread on the pan with the seam facing down.  Sear until all sides are browned, which takes about 2-3 minutes each side.  Continue to add butter when the pan dries up.

6. Once the rolls are browned and crisp, bring them out of the pan and into the sugar and cinnamon powder mixture.  Roll them around until they are completely covered in the mixture.  Serve with fresh fruits for a balanced breakfast.


French Toast Rollups



  1. Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time at the moment, hope you start seeing the light at the end of it all soon. Your dark and moody photos have come out well! 🙂

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