Month: July 2014

Sriracha honey lime chicken

Sriracha Honey Lime Chicken

Ok, so what do you do when you have some left-over chicken, some spring onions, honey and your faithful Sriracha sauce? Fear not, because the dish that you’re about to create is so easy to make and ultra delicious to taste.  With its sweet, spicy and little bit of tangy flavour, you can finger-lick those chicken and enjoyably watch your favourite Friday Night movies. The recipe does not require you to use chicken maryland.  Any other chicken parts can be used, like chicken drumstick or chicken wings are also good, as long as the chicken skin is intact (so you get the ‘light crisp’ sensation) and contains bones 🙂  When using the chicken wings or drumstick, adjust the time to cook accordingly as they take shorter time to cook. So, as I was joyously preparing the ingredients for this dish (… and big big thanks to I am a Food Blog for sharing this creative recipe), I haven’t quite decided if I wanted to pan-fry the chicken or grill it.  The healthier version is of course, to grill it …

Har lok

Har Lok (Prawns in Spicy Fermented Bean Paste)

Har Lok combines 3 of my favourite ingredients – prawns, spicy fermented bean paste and lots lots lots of shallots!  I have always loved mum’s har lok and she only makes it during extra special occasions because prawns are expensive.  Certainly feeding a hungry family of five with prawns is a pretty expensive affair 🙂  Now that I’m here in Melbourne and mum’s in Malaysia, I really really miss her special dish.  So, I’ve decided to give it a try to cure the “I miss home” syndrome. Since I love shallots very much, I have improvised mum’s recipe and added lots and lots of shallots to give that extra flavour and aroma.  The prawns must be fresh so if you decide to cook this dish, buy the prawns on the same day so you get that fresh sweet crunch from the prawns when you bite into them.  Keep the prawns whole with their shell on but remove their heads and trim the legs off.  Keep the heads – you will know why (see methods below).  Oh, and remember to …

Chin Chin bunny ears

Love at First Taste : Chin Chin

I’m a BIG HUGE fan of Chin Chin.  Love the menu as place mats.  Love the Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce on every table.  Love the GoGo Bar down at the basement.  Love the Asian-inspired tropical cocktails with lemongrass twigs.  Love the brightly lit pink bunny ears. Hey, I even love the Thai language lessons (in the little girl’s room). What’s not to love about Chin Chin?  …. oh yes, and there’s Chin Chin’s brilliant and talented executive chef, Benjamin Cooper, who just released Chin Chin, the cookbook – featuring all recipes in the restaurant’s menu!  By the way, have you seen him in Masterchef Australia Season 6 2014?  He totally rocked the house down. My family was in town last month, so, naturally, there were lots and lots of restaurant visits and food tours – indulging in fine foods that we don’t usually eat.  My dad fell in love with Chin Chin’s bold and beautiful modernised classic Thai flavours when I introduced him to Chin Chin last year.  This time round, it’s no surprise that dad wanted to come here again 🙂 We arrived at …