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Salmon Sa-sushi-mi

Salmon Sushi and sashimi

Do you know why the Japanese invented Japanese mayo, Kewpie?  Because fresh fish and Kewpie Japanese mayo are really the only two things you need in your fridge and pantry to create a simple delicious quick lunch.  Australia is truly blessed with fresh foods from the sea and land.  Our fishermen and farmers work hard at sea and in the farms to bring us fresh produce.  Ah, so privileged to be able to enjoy them without costing an arm and a leg 🙂

Salmon Sasuhimi

Strolling around Prahran Market gave me some inspirations on recipes to cook for lunch.  Love the fresh seafoods from Claringbold’s – that’s where I got my sushi grade salmon and quality Yarra Valley salmon caviar.  Super combination for a quick fuss-free work day lunch or party snack.  But hey, that’s indulgence in the simplest form 🙂

Salmon Raw

The recipe below is not a recipe. Haha.  It’s simply salmon slices + Kewpie japanese mayo + salmon caviar and voila, you get fresh delicious Salmon Sa-sushi-mi and no cooking required.  With fresh produce, we can create almost anything we want.  I named this dish the Sa-sushi-mi because I couldn’t figure out if this is a sashimi or sushi 🙂

Salmon Sushi and sashimi

Salmon Su-sushi-mi

Sushi-grade salmon fillet
Fresh salmon caviar
Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise
Lemon (optional)

1. Sharpen your knives.  Gentle slice the salmon thinly to about 0.5cm thick.  I prefer not to slice it too thin or you’ll lose the texture of the fish.  If you find it a little difficult to slice the fish, keep the fish in the freezer for about 10-15mins, once the edges are little firm, remove and slice.  Then put the slices back into the fridge to ‘defrost’ a little before preparation.

2. Wrap two slices of salmon around each other to form a circle like sushi.  Then put a dollop of Japanese mayonnaise on top of the fish.

3. To serve, spoon a tsp of fresh salmon caviar and let it sit firmly on the mayonnaise.  Eat while it’s still fresh and cold.


Salmon Sasushimi



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