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Sweet Sour Mango Slices. Oh, so addictive!

Sweet sour mango slices

Hi everyone, I’m back, after a short break from the Burp! kitchen.  Oh and not forgetting, a big big Happy 2015 to everyone.

Sweet sour mango slices

My trip back to Malaysia was not just fulfilling to my soul and tummy – but also my luggage 🙂 You won’t believe the amount of goodies I got from Malaysia – 40 cookbooks, 2 full bags of baking tools and some super quality dried food – not too bad aye?  2015 will be an exciting year and I’m looking forward to spend more quality time in the kitchen and share all the wonderful experiences with you.

Sweet sour mango slices

It’s summertime and that translates to many good things but one of them is very obvious and that’s the arrival of mangoes! I heart heart heart mangoes.  There’s just so much flavourful things you can create with them – Eat them as it is, make them into desserts like mango pudding, sauce them with chicken or pork or simply pickle them.

“These mangoes pickling should be called Vampire Pickled Mangoes – because the first bite gives you such a vampirish twinkling sensation that you will remember forever, whilst wanting more and more.  So good, so good!”   

Sweet sour mango slices

I love this method because it’s so easy to make and the flavours – Ooh La La! is an extreme sweet, sour with a tad spicy note that not just teases our taste buds but continuously creating a quiet hunger – starting with the first bite and leading to the next and the next.

Sweet sour mango slices

Sweet Sour Mango Slices 

Fills 1 large mason jar

3 large young mangoes, sliced
12 birds eye chillies (cili padi), thinly sliced
2 limes (if limau kasturi or calamansi is not available)
2 cups fine sugar
2 cups asamboi (sour plum), sliced

1. Prepare all ingredients starting with slicing the mangoes thinly.  Place all the sliced mangoes in a large bowl.

2. Mix the sliced birds eye chillies into the bowl and gently stir in the chillies with a plastic spatula.  Then slice the asamboi so that the meat comes off leaving just the seeds.  Mix the sliced asamboi and the seeds into the bowl.  Lastly mix the sugar into the bowl and with a spatula, gently stir to mix well.

3. Slowly scoop the mangoes and the pickling ingredients into a large Mason jar.  Squeeze the lime juice into the jar and slice the limes.  Place the sliced limes into the jar.  Cover tightly.

4. Leave the jar refrigerated for at least 4 hours to slowly develop the flavours.


Sweet sour mango slices


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