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Sweet ‘o’ Sweetness Lychee Granita

The big V-day is just 1 sleep away and if you’ve not planned anything for that special someone, then you’d better think of something and get it done quickly. Here’s an idea for you, watch a movie like the highly anticipated 50 shades of grey and then followed by a romantic home-cook candle light dinner.

Lychee Granita

If that’s too much of hard work, then may I suggest to just skip everything and go straight to icy sweet dessert like this lychee granita.  It’s easy and fast to make and goes really well with champagne 🙂

Lychee Granita (adapted from Will Ricker’s Eastern & Oriental Cookbook)

Serves 4


1 can lychee (576g)
60 g caster sugar
100 ml water
juice of 1 lime
stalks of mint leaves, for garnish

1. Combine sugar and water in a saucepan and heat gently until sugar dissolves.  Once the sugar has dissolved, bring to boil with high heat.  Then turn the heat down, and gently simmer until a light caramel syrup forms.  Remove and set aside to cool.

2. Pour the can of lychees and its juice into a food processor.  Blend to form a smooth puree.  Then pour the puree through a fine sieve and with a spoon, push as much juice into a mixing bowl.

3. Add lime juice and cool syrup into the mixing bowl.  Stir to mix well.

4. Pour the lychee mixture into a shallow container and slowly place in the freezer.  Every few hours, scrape and break the mixture with fork to create small, even ice crystals. Repeat until the mixture is completely frozen.

5. Spoon the granita into frozen glasses and garnish with mint leaves.  Serve with champagne.

Enjoy! Lychee Granita


  1. whaaat, I need to make this! I adore Lychee 😀 Is it possible to also make a drink out if it and ad alcohol?

    • Hi Sara, it’s also my fave too especially those fresh lychees. You can surely make something like a lychee mojito where you add mint, rum, lychee juice/water and then serve with lychee granita on the top! I’ve not tried it but now that you mention it, I might 🙂

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