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{Cookbook Review} The Eastern & Oriental Cookbook by Will Ricker

The Eastern & Oriental Cookbook

I am a cookbook addict.  I belong to to the cookbook anonymous club, if there is any.  Even hubby knows that and he will not interfere in my cookbook shopping spree.  Phew!

Cooking out of cookbooks is fun but improvising them is even better.  Why create when there are good recipes out there?

Today I’m going to share with you a cookbook by Will Ricker: The Eastern & Oriental Cookbook.  If you noticed, I have attempted some recipes from this book and so far I’m loving it.

E&O recipes

I was sold the moment I saw the name – Eastern & Oriental – which has an old fashioned romantic ring to it.  Reminds me of the heritage E&O hotel in Penang, Malaysia and the exclusive romantic train ride with the Eastern & Oriental Express.

The book is in fact, named after restaurateur Will Ricker’s acclaimed restaurant in London, which is renowned for its style and sophistication.  What really entices me are the recipes, created with home cooks in mind.  The steps are easy to follow and much of the ingredients are easy to find, while the flavours are sophisticated and intense – bringing you a whole new experience.

Easter & Oriental Cookbook

Many of the recipes in the book lean towards Pan Asian cooking – a blend of Chinese, Japanese, Thai cuisine.  It is interesting how food culture has evolved and getting more innovative these days.

There are close to 80 recipes to choose from and most of them are so darn appealing.  Opt for beef bulgogi if you want a quick lunch bite.  And how about lobster and prawn sweet ginger noodles for a special meal? If you prefer something strong and a tad spicy, try the chicken jungle curry with steamed rice.  Then finish up with chilled lychee granita to wash down that heat.

The Eastern and Oriental Cookbook is truly a kitchen companion.  It’s a page turner by itself – thanks to its beautiful plating and photography which adds to its wow factor.  I’d say this book is definitely a keeper!

Cookbook: The Eastern and Oriental Cookbook
Author: Will Ricker
Buy From: Booktopia, Amazon, Book Depository

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