Recipe List (in alphabetical order)

10-minute miso soup
Agedashi tofu
Ayam masak kicap madu
Baby beet in cranberry juice with ricotta, cumin & dill
Baby bok choy with ginger & soy
Baked chicken wing parcels
Baked shrimp toast
Bang bang chicken salad
Beef teriyaki with sesame cucumber salad
Boba milk tea
Braised pork belly in fermented tofu
Breakfast crab toasts with sriracha mayonnaise
Butternut squash soup with caramelised scallop & toasted pumpkin seeds
Cantonese steamed fish
Cereal prawns
Char siu (BBQ pork belly)
Charred pineapple chicken in sweetened black rice vinegar
Chicken cooked in ginger
Chicken dumplings with vinegar dressing
Chicken & mango summer rolls 
Chicken & scallion yakitori
Chicken wings in dark soy and rice wine
Chicken with crispy basil leaves
Chilli salt chicken wings with bandit sauce
Chinese curry chicken
Chinese herbal chicken
Chinese peanut cookies
Chive & sesame tofu
Churro bites with chocolate dip
Classic sweet & sour pork
Classic pork gyoza
Claypot chicken rice
Coconut & gula melaka agar agar
Coconut & kaffir lime panna cotta with strawberry and lime syrup
Coconut ice cream
Coffee pork ribs
Cold chicken in chilli oil
Coriander & panko coated fish & chips
Cream puffs with chantilly cream
Crisp rice paper rolls
Crispy chicken with black pepper sauce
Crispy chicken with orange sauce
Crispy miso and ginger fried chicken with miso mayonnaise
Crispy school prawns with chilli salt
Crispy skin salmon with ginger scallion oil noodle
Crunchy prawns and caramelised coconut dressing
Dong bo stewed pork
Double boiled nashi pear with hasma
Drunken herbal prawns
Fettuccine with mushroom & bacon sauce
Fish sauce roast chicken
French toast rollups
Fried chicken wings
Fried radish cake (chai tow kway)
Garlic pork belly
Garlic prawn pasta
General tso’s tofu
Gochujang roast chicken
Gongbao chicken
Green tea ice cream
Green tea panna cotta with chocolate soil
Green tea-smoked duck
Grilled corn with lime & parmesan
Grilled lemongrass chicken chop
Grilled prawns with yuzu dressing
Hainanese chicken rice
HK french toast
Honey & sesame chicken
Honey lemon chicken wings
Japanese chiffon cheesecake
Kimchi jjigae
Korean fried chicken
Kumquat compote
Kung pao chicken
Kyoto pork ribs
Lime icy poles
Lychee granita
Malaysian char kuey teow
Malaysian hokkien mee
Malaysian onde onde
Malaysian sambal tumis
Mango & salted coconut pop with crushed peanut
Mango & sweet coconut sticky rice
Master stock
Milo ice cream
Mr.Hong’s mapo tofu
Mushroom salad with yuzu dressing
Nam jim dressing
Nam jim jaew
Noodle soup with shredded chicken
Pandan & coconut jelly with coconut crumbs
Pineapple fried rice
Pineapple tarts
Poached chicken & soba noodle salad with soy dressing
Pok pok chicken wings
Pork & prawn wonton soup
Pork & shiitake gyoza
Pork belly & watermelon salad
Pork belly with apple slaw & chilli caramel
Pork belly with shiso butter soy sauce donburi
Pork ribs braised in young coconut juice
Prawn & grapefruit salad
Prawn cocktail with marie rose sauce
Prawns in spicy fermented bean paste
Prosperity seafood dumplings
Raw tuna in korean chilli sauce
Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting
Rendang ayam (dry chicken curry)
Red-braised spare ribs
Ribena longan popsicles
Roast pork belly (siu yuk)
Roast chicken glazed with tamarind & kaffir lime leaf
Rockling stir fry with gailan
Salmon carpaccio with lemon & chilli
Salmon sa-sushi-mi
Salt-grilled salmon onigiri
Sauce green beans with crispy bacon
Scallops & bacon spaghetti aglio e olio
Scallops with hazelnut butter
Seafood congee
Seared beef with thai flavour salad
Seared egg beancurd with minced pork
Seared scallops with corn puree & currant vinaigrette
Seared scallops with sweet fish sauce
Sesame & bonito flakes-crusted tofu
Sesame, soy & chilli beef tartare
Singapore bee hoon
Smoked paprika, chilli, lime peanuts
Soy-glazed mushroom
Soy-roasted pumpkin seeds
Soy sauce chicken
Spicy corn & coriander fritters
Spicy fish curry
Spicy vinegar cucumber salad
Sriracha honey lime chicken
Steamed broccoli with scallop sauce
Steamed glutinous rice in lotus leaf
Steamed pumpkin cake with palm sugar
Steamed tiger prawn with minced garlic
Steamed wontons in chilli broth
Sticky glaze beef short ribs
Sticky roasted thai chicken
Sticky szechuan pork with toasted sesame seeds
Stir-fry ginger chicken
Strawberry, apple & almond muffins
Strawberries & cream with wonton crisps
Superior fried rice
Sweet & sour pork
Sweet & sour prawns
Sweet corn ice cream
Sweet fish sauce
Sweet sour mango slices
Tamarind pork belly curry
Teriyaki chicken
Tempura, light as a feather
Thai-inspired prawn vermicelli
Thai grilled pork with nam jim jaew
Thai pandan chicken
Thai prawn cakes
Tomato sauce prawns
Tuna sashimi with matsuhisa dressing
Twice-cooked melting pork belly
Vanilla bean ice cream
Vanilla ice cream, ginger granita & lychee
Wasabi ebikko prawn
Watermelon mint popsicles
Watermelon with sticky pork & prawn relish
Wonton dumplings in chilli oil